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Advanced Innovation Center

At AIC, we use cutting-edge science and technologies to develop new approaches that are exponentially more effective than what is currently possible, clean by design, and return far greater value to all stakeholders. We have a global team that collectively has decades of experience working in a wide array of fields, and we are on the cusp of radically improving how several different industries operate around the world.


To create and develop technological innovation that generates major economic, social, and environmental benefits.


We seek to provide solutions to largest problems that face the world by using innovation as a tool for advancing economic development, social progress, and environmental
protection – placing it at the service of mankind to accelerate the fight against poverty and build a society committed to sustainable development.

Areas of Compentece


AIC has a long trajectory in creation, handling and control of plasma for different uses. We have experience in work with plasma in its different states/phases. (glow discharge, arc discharge, among others), which enables us to control the phenomenon in one area and in its whole volume. The capacities in this area include not only the plasma application per se, but in the construction and design of sources of power, reaction chambers and the necessary equipment for their implementation.

Main Applications

  • Water and fluid sanitation.
  • Gas sanitation.
  • Reactor designs for the production of new compounds.
  • Spectrometry.
  • Advanced process of oxidation.


AIC has done extensive research on magnetostatics, electrostatics and electromechanical conversion of energy. It also has vast experience in design and dimensioning of electromechanical dispositives for specific industrial applications. Among which we can find motors, generators and magnetic separators.

Main Applications

  • Electromechanical conversion of energy. Such as generators and motors.
  • Magnetic Separation.
  • Positioning.

Water Treatment

One of AIC´s priorities is to part of the world’s water crisis, that has over 780 million people over the world without regular access to potable water. This means that this amount of people are exposed to health diseases related to contaminated water use. Based on the facts stated above, AIC has devoted great amount of its innovation efforts to develop technologies that can contribute to solve the water problem. Both the water treatment for human consump as the treatment and reuse of residual water. Understanding that this is a real opportunity for enterprises to generate a real impact.

Main Applications

  • Water Sanitation.
  • Organic content remotion.
  • Ionic content remotion.
  • Heavy metal remotion.
  • Separation of compounds of interest.

Microwave Stimulation

AIC has the ability to implement different microwave irradiation techniques for specific industrial applications. In order to achieve this, a wide spectrum of knowledge is needed for the integral design of its components: waveguides, resonant cavities/chambers, reactors, among other things.

Main Applications

  • Plasma formation.
  • Selective heating.
  • Enhanced extraction of Natural and Sinthetic compounds.

Acoustic Stimulation

AIC counts with an integral knowledge of acoustic stimulation. mainly in what refers to high and low  potency ultrasound. This has enabled the development of different industrial applications. Generators, transductors and sonotrodes (horns) custom made for each application.

Main Applications

  • Improvement and acceleration of chemical and biological reactions: 1) Microalgae growth control for the generation of biomass and/or biofuel. 2) Biodigesters growth control. 3) Improvement in extraction and control of wine fermentation.
  • Compound emulsification.
  • Extraction improvement of natural and synthetic compounds of interest.
  • Sonoplasma.
  • Improvement in adsorption and desorption process.

Modelization , control and automation of processes

In a transversal way to all the technological developments, AIC has the capability to model, control and automate processes in every one of its applications. Directed to all industries, this not only allows to estimate more precisely the behavior of scaled systems but also predict their functioning in a dynamic way inside a more complex process. This also facilitates  the acquisition of data and statistic analysis. This allows to evaluate behavior and design a new configuration for the integration of a new system inside a productive plant.

Business Model

AIC seeks to accelerate the global fight against poverty by developing innovative projects that generate major economic, social, and environmental impact. Depending on the specifics of a project, our business arrangements follow three particular models:
  • 1. Projects we have developed from our own knowledge, experience, and areas of interest.
  • 2. Joint work with clients as part of our Innovation Services.
  • 3. Strategic projects developed with third-parties that support AIC’s vision.